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CA6 Series Casters

Our CA6 swivel casters and CA6R rigid series casters are equal to the following brands: Albion - Series 16 AlGoodCasters - 6200 Series Bassick Casters - Honcho 900 Series Caster Works - Medium Duty Casters Colson Casters - 4 Series Enforcer Series; regular 4 series Fairbanks - E29 swivel casters; E39 rigid casters Hamilton Casters - Series WW Whirlaway casters Payson Casters - Series 200 swivel casters; Series 201 rigid casters PJ Casters - (MH Series) Medium Heavy Duty casters • RWM Casters (Rapistan) - 46 Series casters Rollmasters - Series 20 swivel casters; Series 21 rigid casters Trio Pines Casters - TP6600 Series Vestil Industrial Casters (MR, PU, SS, PH Types) Wagner Casters - Series 88 swivel casters; Series 83 rigid casters

20 Products in CA6 Series Casters